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Kfhox laces up for her NYC Marathon gig, readies new album

Featuring runners from around the world, the New York City Marathon is a global stage, and Kathryn F. Hoxie — known professionally as Kfhox — has been fortunate to tap into that audience multiple times from an actual stage along the race course.

“Some local residents are more interested in the music than the actual race, and others are there for all the festivities,” the R&B singer says. “My performances run throughout the day, and everything is outside, so I’ve learned to pace myself — no pun intended — for the race. There have been times when the weather is bitter cold outside, and dressing to perform becomes a matter of warmth than aesthetics.”

Kfhox’s first NYC Marathon gig was in 2011, near the Third Avenue Bridge in the Bronx. She’s since moved about a half mile away to the borough’s Alexander Avenue stage, which is where she’ll be on Nov. 3.

“The first year we switched spots, several local residents came to look for us and found us at our new stage location, right outside the police station,” she recalls. “I remember some of the neighborhood kids running up to me and being so excited they found us. Their dad said that they came out specifically looking for us at the marathon, and once they realized we weren’t [near the Third Avenue Bridge], they set out to find us. That really made me thankful for the impact our yearly performance has had on the community. The Bronx became my second hometown during my 12 years in New York, and I’m thankful to know that the community that I love so much loves me back.”

On Christmas Day 2017, Kfhox moved from New York to Nashville, Tennessee. It took a while for her to truly settle in, as she needed to travel often to Rhode Island to assist her parents, who were experiencing health issues.

“Here, I have found my home,” she says of Music City. “The only thing that could make it better is if I could bring the ocean here. Growing up in the Ocean State, it’s been strange to be so far away from the coastline. But professionally, it’s been a game changer. Despite the fact that there is a large community of musicians in New York City, that sense of community felt a bit fragmented to me. In Nashville, I’ve felt a deeper sense of community and fellowship with the musicians here, and it’s reassured me that this was the right move.”

Kfhox’s next move in terms of a new album will be Love 360°, slated for release in early 2020. Produced by Darin “D-Roc” James, her sophomore full-length effort contains the recent single “L-O-V-E” as well as “North Star,” which is due Nov. 13, one year to the day her mother died.

“After moving to Nashville, losing my mom and, a few months later, meeting the love of my life, I feel like I’ve experienced so much of the full spectrum of love and life in such a short period of time,” she explains. “Love 360° really represents that full experience of love — family, friendships, intimate relationships — and what I’ve come to learn is that love brings up pretty much every range of emotion.”

— By Chris M. Junior

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