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Songbird City artists create personalized tunes for their customers

Like so many musicians, Sarah Moseley was motivated by the pandemic’s impact on the creative community to find a way to generate income.

Last November, she came up with the idea for Songbird City, a service that provides personalized songs created by songwriters who are based in or near Nashville, Tennessee.

“Our goal is to gather information from customers, the details of the song they’d like to have created, and turn it around in five business days,” explains Moseley.

Songbird City’s soft launch was in April. Moseley and company used the ensuing months “to work out any kinks and further streamline projects,” she says; they marked the official launch of the service in mid-September.

The cost is $249 per song. The process starts with the customer providing details for the song and selecting the mood and style. A suitable Songbird City artist is chosen to write and record the song, and within five business days, a digital copy of the recording is sent to the customer. (Songwriters own the copyrights to the publishing; customers are granted a limited-use license for the songs, which allows for personal use of the recordings.)

As for whether melodies or chord changes are ever recycled for songs, Moseley says, “When creating a custom song, we leave it up to our creatives to follow their artistic visions for the songs and bring the story and details customers provide to life. In allowing our songwriters the freedom to create, each custom song comes out unique to each of our customers.”

Songbird City splits sales 50/50 with its artists, and the company donates 10 percent of its proceeds to Nashville Songwriters Association International.

“We are proud to be a part of the Nashville music community,” Moseley says. “We believe that every business should do their part to help the local community they operate in. By donating 10 percent of our proceeds, we are able to help the music community in an even larger way. We are proud to have a mission attached to Songbird City and hope it can inspire our customers to want to be a part of it as well.”

— By Chris M. Junior

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