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Richard Patrick revisits Filter's past for new album

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Turning 40 has not mellowed Richard Patrick. The Filter leader comes out swinging on the band’s latest album, The Trouble With Angels, which he’s proud to say echoes elements of Short Bus, Title of Record and Amalgamut.

Patrick recently checked in to discuss Angels, which is due Aug. 17 on Rocket Science Ventures. On the official Filter site, you talk about certain songs on The Trouble With Angels sounding like some of stuff you did on past Filter albums. Was that a coincidence, or did you set out to write new material that either musically or thematically touched on previous efforts
Richard Patrick: “Nope, it was intentional. With [2008’s] Anthems for the Damned, I was more concerned about making an album that sounded like the situation I was talking about—my protest of the war and my support for the soldiers, and those that were killed in action.”

Talk about the inspiration behind the lyrics to the first single, “The Inevitable Relapse” — great title, by the way.
Patrick: “It’s a love story. Addiction is hitting yourself in the head with a hammer and liking it. The video sums it up perfectly.”

How has turning 40 changed your approach to writing, recording and performing music? Does it take extra planning or effort to pull off a fierce vocal like the one throughout “Drug Boy” or that opening scream on “Absentee Father”?
Patrick: “The vocal thing is bizarre. I’m actually so healthy that I have to kind of [screw] up my voice for it to have that killer tone to it.”

The recording industry has changed tremendously since Filter’s debut album. What do you like and dislike about the current state of the business, and is there anything from the past you wish was still in practice?
Patrick: “I love the fans and I want them to be happy, but I hate watching all my friends having to sell their homes and other things to make free music. It’s hard to watch.”

— Introduction and interview by Chris M. Junior

Filter on tour (schedule subject to change):

* Aug. 20: Black Bear Saloon — Hartford, Conn.
* Aug. 21: Bowery Ballroom — New York
* Aug. 24: 115 Bourbon Street — Chicago