April 15, 2004


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During his music career, Stephen Stills has been a singer, a songwriter, a guitarist, a producer -- and, at a gig last year, an unexpected roadie for the subdudes, remembers singer-accordionist-pianist John Magnie, one of the Americana rock band's founding members.

The unusual but memorable experience took place at the 2003 edition of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Magnie and his band mates hit the stage, and much to their surprise, Stills, David Crosby and Graham Nash were very interested in what the subdudes were doing.

John Magnie: "We started our set, and we looked over, and there's the three of them -- right on the side of the stage, about 10 feet away from me.

"We had a great set . . . and during it, we would look over [after a song], and all three of them would be doing this bowing thing. I thought, 'What the hell?'

"[Around] the last song of the set, [guitarist] Tommy [Malone] broke a string. And so, [one of our crew members] came up and grabbed Tommy's guitar, either to go back to get another guitar or change the string.

"While I'm rapping away with the audience to waste time, Stephen Stills walks up to Tommy with a guitar. Tommy looks over and sees that Stephen Stills is being his guitar roadie. [Stills went] to get one of his [own vintage guitars], brought it up to Tommy, plugged it in for him, made sure it was all right and took off.

"And then, [during Crosby, Stills & Nash's set], those guys were talking about [us]. Stills said, 'We're taking those guys on the road with us! It's going to be the best show in the world!' We hung out with them after the set, and unfortunately, [a joint tour] never came to be. They had a series of shows [that didn't require an opening act], but just getting their approval and praise was big for us."

Miracle Mule, the latest subdudes album, is due April 20 on Back Porch Records. The official subdudes Web site is www.subdudes.com. The band will be on the road throughout the spring and summer, performing in such cities as Denver (April 21), New Orleans (April 28-30), New York (May 7-9), Minneapolis (May 21), Houston (June 5), Milwaukee (July 10) and Las Vegas (Aug. 28).

-- By Chris M. Junior

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