March 14, 2005


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Shane Bartell's tips for SXSW

He grew up near Austin, Texas, and he's called the capital of the Lone Star State his home on two separate occasions, so singer/songwriter/guitarist Shane Bartell knows a thing or two about what goes on during the South by Southwest music festival and conference.

Bartell, who will showcase songs from his first full-length disc, Too Soon to Say (Lilywhite Records), at 1 a.m. March 20 at Austin's Lava Lounge, offers up a few memories and bits of advice for out-of-towners.

Best place to eat in Austin: "Well, I'm a vegetarian, so you're not going to get the usual barbecue answers from me -- although Mother's does have a mean barbecue tofu sandwich. The Mexican food is a must: Curra's, Las Manitas and probably Gueros. The best Indonesian food I've ever had is here -- Java Noodles. Ruby's BBQ has great veggie sides."

Best way to get around Austin: "Cab."

The one thing every Austin visitor should do during SXSW: "You'll know what to do."

Successful pickup lines he's used during the festival: "Uh, I don't think I've ever used one."

The biggest misconception about Austin: "That it's the land of Stevie Ray Vaughan."

Austin venue that's always worth checking out: "The Parish. Also, Ego's is a great dive, though they don't participate in the conference."

The best part about SXSW: "Everything. Narrowing it down: Free things and seeing people you only see once a year."

The worst part about SXSW: "Uh, seeing people you only see once a year."

Funniest thing witnessed during SXSW: "Me. Every year. I'm not elaborating on that."

Acts he plans to check out during SXSW '05: "I usually try and see hundreds of bands, so I can't really narrow it down. There really is something for everyone."

-- Introduction and interview by Chris M. Junior

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