June 10, 2005


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Last week, Arrested Development was the audience winner in the debut episode of the NBC series Hit Me Baby One More Time. Mike Madden recaps the best and worst moments from the second episode, which featured Vanilla Ice (above) and aired June 9.

* First act: THE KNACK

Hit played: "My Sharona"
Cover song: Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl"

How the band looked: The band was especially sharp and dressed in matching suits. Lead singer Doug Fieger looks almost exactly like he did in the band's late '70s/early '80s heyday.

Best moment: The enthusiasm the band members showed during their performance of "My Sharona" was as if they were overjoyed that people still remembered them.

Carry on or hang it up? Carry on. This performance showed just how a band with a huge hit and not much else to show for it can still hook you with its best. However, the Jet cover, while a treat, was out of Fieger's range.

* Second act: HADDAWAY

Hit played: "What Is Love"
Cover song: Britney Spears' "Toxic"

How he looked: Haddaway appeared to be in good shape, but he really should have put on a shirt under his jacket when he performed -- kind of cheesy.

Best moment: During the "catching up" segment, when he was puzzled that people didn't know who he was. Did he truly expect to be a household name?

Carry on or hang it up? Hang it up. Seriously, he should be lucky that folks still remember A Night at the Roxbury.

* Third act: TOMMY TUTONE

Hit played: "867-5309/Jenny"
Cover song: Blink 182's "All the Small Things"

How did they look: Singer Tommy Heathseemed a bit lost onstage, as if he knew he had no business being on TV anymore.

Best moment In the "catching up" segment, Heath is show at his job fixing a computer and complaining that it's interfering with the recording of a new album.

Carry on or hang it up? Hang it up. This was hard to watch, especially due to the choice to cover Blink 182. That particular performance was reminiscent of the episode of Full House where Danny Tanner sings The Who's "My Generation" with Uncle Jesse's band. Yikes.

* Fourth act: THE MOTELS

Hit played: "Only the Lonely"
Cover song: Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why"

How the band looked: Well, only singer Martha Davis bothered to show up, and guess what? She got a little plump and added some wrinkles -- no surprise there.

Best moment: The overt brown-nosing and borderline flirtations by host Vernon Kay. He called her a former sex symbol -- that's a stretch, pal.

Carry on or hang it up? Hang it up. Davis completely rearranged "Don't Know Why" into a synth-pop disaster. The tune wasn't recognizable. Earth to Martha: You have no career, so don't try reworking a ballad into an uptempo number just for TV.

* Fifth act: VANILLA ICE

Hit played: "Ice Ice Baby"
Cover song: Destiny's Child's "Survivor"

How did he look: Rob Van Winkle (aka Vanilla Ice) looked to be getting some tips on how to improve the image. Gone is his rap-rock, baggy shorts look. Hes eplaced it with a style that is more in line with what Jay-Z or LL Cool J would sport today (designer jeans, long white T-shirt).

Best moment: The fact that a kinder, gentler Vanilla Ice showed up was the best moment. There were no tantrums and no false bravado.

Carry on or hang it up? Undecided. He could carry on, but only if he stays humble about it all. The Vanilla Ice that was featured on this program seemed to get the point that people see him as nostalgia. Another helpful bit of advice might be to actually cover the song you are out there to do. The "Survivor" that Ice performed was not Destiny's Child's song at all -- it was a total original with only the "I'm a survivor" line thrown in.

Studio audience winner: VANILLA ICE

Most deserving to win: THE KNACK. The band's energy and tightness made it the standout on this episode, but judging from last week's victory by Arrested Development, the connection to the younger demographic is what counts the most on this show.

-- By Mike Madden

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