June 24, 2005


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The June 23 episode was the fourth time around for NBC's Hit Me Baby One More Time. Mike Madden takes a look at how Greg Kihn (above) and the others fared.

* First act: GREG KIHN

Hit played: "The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em)"
Cover song: Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

How did he look: Kihn seems to have beefed up a considerable amount from his days of cavorting in a church as he did in the "Jeopardy" video.

Best moment: The way Kihn and his band rocked out the last verse of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams." It would have made Billie Joe Armstrong proud.

Carry on or hang it up? Undecided. If Kihn were to continue with band in tow, he could provide a few nights of nostalgic bliss. However, with what appears to be somewhat of a career as a novelist going for him, as well as a gig DJing, he might be better off leaving behind the life of a touring rocker.

Club Nouveau.jpg

* Second act: CLUB NOUVEAU (above)

Hit played: "Lean on Me"
Cover song: Dido's "Thank You"

How the band looked: The group looked good for the most part, but who really remembers what these people looked like in the first place?

Best moment: During the all important "catching up" segment, when group leader/spokesman Jay King updated viewers on his mission to become a professional domino player, and he even took it one step further by proclaiming himself "the Michael Jordan of dominoes." Classic stuff.

Carry on or hang it up? Hang it up. The Dido cover was extremely dull, and the groupís performance of "Lean on Me" came off as seriously outdated.

* Third act: GLASS TIGER

Hit played: "Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)"
Cover song: Vertical Horizon's "Everything You Want"

How the band looked: The guys really had no style to them -- they were just kind of there.

Best moment: It had to be the plastered-on smile that all the band members had on during the cover song. It looked eerily like a toothpaste commercial

Carry on or hang it up? Hang it up. The band claims it still tours regularly, and even for Canada, that's not acceptable. Start writing novels with Greg Kihn.

* Fourth act: BILLY VERA

Hit played: "At This Moment"
Cover song: Ryan Cabrerra's "True"

How did he look: Vera looked old 20 years ago, and guess what? He still looks old. Seriously, he doesn't look like a pop star and never did.

Best moment: A tie between the clips of Vera doing voice-over work for commercials and the spooky smoke machine swirls during his cover of "True."

Carry on or hang it up? Carry on. Vera never got his due during the mid-to-late '80s and should have at least had a huge hit not helped by NBC.

Thelma Houston.jpg

* Fifth act: THELMA HOUSTON (above)

Hit played: "Don't Leave Me This Way"
Cover song: Alicia Keys' "Fallin' "

How did she look: Houston looked pretty awful. From the horrible hair to the bad choices in wardrobe, she looked like that one crazy aunt who always jumps up and dances to "Don't Leave Me This Way" at family parties.

Best moment: The unnecessary milking of the intro to "Don't Leave Me This Way." Her facial expressions were reminiscent of a Muppet.

Carry on or hang it up? Hang it up -- the sooner the better. Both of her performances were cringe-worthy.

Studio audience winner: THELMA HOUSTON

Most deserving to win: GREG KIHN. Kihn still has the chops and has a capable band backing him up, but this episode proves that for the third week in a row, the studio audience needs to checked out before filling into that theater.

-- By Mike Madden

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