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Fay Wolf carves out the time to record her first album

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Like most people, Fay Wolf relies on her organizational skills to keep her professional life in order.

For Wolf, though, that includes music, acting and a steady gig as, well, a professional organizer.
“The three paths are in a constant shuffle,” the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter says. “We shall see how the shuffle continues to unfold and balance out — it’s exciting to not know.”

But her primary focus lately has been making music, specifically Spiders, her recently released first full-length album.

“I started recording it in early 2010, and lack of time and money did come into play,” Wolf says. “But any frustrations I had about the length of time it was taking to finish the album ended up being worth it, as a handful of the songs didn’t exist until the 11th hour. And some of those later songs are my favorites.

“That said,” she adds, “once everything was written, I was still not in a financial position to be able to finish the project. Thankfully, a healthy Kickstarter campaign full of nice people made it all better.”

TV has served as a nice outlet for both of Wolf’s creative ventures. In addition to appearing on Bones and Ghost Whisperer, her music has been featured on such series as Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill.

Her slowed-down reworking of The Outfield‘s “Your Love” was featured in an episode of Pretty Little Liars and also on its official soundtrack.

“I’ve always loved this tune but never realized what The Outfield was singing about,” Wolf says. “It’s heavy stuff. It’s a sad song, so I made it sound like one.

“I’d been playing it out a bunch and so we decided to record it. Joshua Ostrander of the band Eastern Conference Champions was enlisted to produce the track, and he added his magic to it. When it was finished, the Pretty Little Liars soundtrack [opportunity] happened fairly quickly, and that was/is very, very cool — especially because I was already a fan of the show.”

Given her obligations to running New Order Professional Organizing, (check out her comedic fictional take on that job in a video short with Bones star Emily Deschanel), Wolf will squeeze in concerts to promote Spiders whenever she can.

“As of yet, no [extensive] touring is planned for the immediate future, but I welcome long road trips,” she says. “I will hopefully get out on the road in 2012 and earn my touring stripes.”

— By Chris M. Junior

Fay Wolf on tour (schedule subject to change):

* Nov. 25: Las Vetas Lounge – Fairfield, Conn.
* Dec. 6: Hotel Café – Los Angeles (Free the Slaves benefit with Cary Brothers and others)