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Sept. 7, 2006

The second round of this Fox series is in the books, and here’s what went down:

Best performer of the night: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy regular Jai Rodriguez, who performed “Back to One” with Brian McKnight. One reason why Rodriguez seems to be rising above the rest of the celebs is that he wants to be good. For two weeks now, he’s had the right duet partners and the right songs.
Lea Thompson.jpg

Worst performer of the night: Lea Thompson (above), who sang an awful duet of “Heaven is a Place on Earth” with Belinda Carlisle. This was brutal: Thompson was in poor voice and had absolutely terrible timing. To makes matters worse, she added bad gyrations to her act. We get it: You’re hot, but please class it up if you move on to the next round.

Funniest performer of the night: Alfonso Ribeiro. He had quite a few funny moments during his performance with Jeffrey Osborne of the Peabo Bryson hit “If Ever You’re in My Arms Again.” There were some awkward glances between the two that bordered on loving gazes. But that’s nothing compared to the slip by judge David Foster, who referred to Ribeiro by his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air character name Carlton.

Strangest performer of the night: Carly Patterson took the prize for her duet with Anita Pointer on “I’m So Excited.” What made her effort strange was the image of this cute Southern girl (and former Olympic gymnast) vamping around with one of the Pointer Sisters. Patterson sang well and, thankfully, it was an upbeat number in a show of light ballads.
Cheech Marin.jpg

The proverbial fat lady should sing for: Cheech Marin (above). He should be a judge on a game show, not singing in this charity competition. This is a complete waste of his talent.

— By Mike Madden