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You never forget your first.

With that in mind, Blue October bassist Matt Noveskey recently took time out from the Texas rock band’s latest batch of tour dates supporting Foiled (Universal) to recall five musical firsts in his life.

FIRST CONCERT ATTENDED: “The first concert I ever attended was actually quite funny, looking back on it. Whitesnake was the headliner, with support from Anthrax and Autograph. The year was 1987, I was 11 years old and it took place at Castle Farms in Charlevoix, Michigan. I went with my big brother; I was at that age when you want to be a little older and a little cooler than you actually are.”

FIRST BASS: “My first bass was a Westone. It was red and sounded like, um, (crap). But I was 12 years old and wanted so badly to be Flea, so I borrowed it from my friend Adam — he never saw it again! After a couple months, I realized I had a knack and scraped together enough cash to purchase my first Warwick Fortress One, a huge step up — and actually the very same company I am endorsed by today.”

FIRST BAND: “The first band I ever played a show with was called Love Muscle — ha! We were all in eighth and ninth grade and covered a lot of songs by Jane’s Addiction and Rush. We weren’t too bad, but we were young and basically ripped off our influences due to a lack of originality.
“We played a high school battle of the bands my freshman year. I slipped the announcement in at the end of the day and when it was read over the loudspeaker at my Catholic high school. An embarrassed secretary followed, announcing, ‘Tonight, Love Muscle with special guest — oh, dear.’ Every classroom erupted in laughter, and a week’s worth of detentions ensued. It was worth it!”

FIRST BLUE OCTOBER GIG OUTSIDE TEXAS: “It was at a tiny club in New Orleans called The Mermaid Lounge. It was unbearably humid (middle of summer), and only about five people showed up, including two of my old friends from Michigan. Somehow I still had a blast.”

FIRST TIME HEARING A BLUE OCTOBER SONG ON THE RADIO: “I was riding shotgun in some girl’s car on the way to an after-show party in Omaha, Nebraska, when our first single, ‘James,’ came on The River radio station. I believe that was the last time I ever heard ‘James’ on the radio.”

— Introduction and interview by Chris M. Junior

Blue October on the road (schedule subject to change):

* Feb. 3: St. Andrews Hall — Detroit
* Feb. 6: The Vogue — Indianapolis
* Feb. 7: Lifestyles Community Pavilion — Columbus, Ohio
* Feb. 9: Metro/Smart Bar — Chicago
* Feb. 10: The Rave Eagle Club — Milwaukee
* Feb. 11: First Avenue — Minneapolis
* Feb. 13: Barrymore Theatre — Madison, Wis.
* Feb. 15: Blue Note — Columbia, Mo.
* Feb. 16: Liberty Hall — Lawrence, Kan.
* Feb. 17: Ogden Theatre — Denver