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Roughly two years ago, singer/guitarist Bruno Mascolo met guitarist Jason Nott outside the Troubadour in Los Angeles. Since then, they’ve formed the band Drive A, played shows with such veteran acts as Papa Roach and Stone Temple Pilots and recorded the debut album Loss of Desire, which was released in May.

Nott recently reflected on meeting Mascolo as well as some other key musical firsts in his life.

First concert attended: “My first concert was Billy Joel when I was 6.
Obviously, not my choice — I went with my parents, but even at that show it was exciting to hear how excited the audience got when the lights went down. It is something that has always stayed with me.”

First guitar: “My first guitar was a red and white [Fender] Squier. Maybe not the
coolest guitar in hindsight, but I loved that thing and played it every day. [It] made me what I am today.” (laughs)

First band: “My first band was called None of Your Concern – really, I am not being rude: It was called None of Your Concern. I thought it was brilliant at the time.”

First live performance: “Playing in my friend’s backyard with one of my old
bands. We played a bunch of covers. It was fun, but we didn’t get paid or laid.” (laughs)

Memory of your first encounter with Bruno Mascolo: “When I first met Bruno, I thought to myself, ‘This kid looks like a hippie.’ But he had an edge to him that drew us together. If you would have told me then that we would still be playing together, have our own record out and been on the tours we have [done], it really wouldn’t have surprised me. We both knew what we wanted from an early age, and we both have the drive to take it.”

First impression of new bassist Chris Bowman: “I think he insulted us the first day he came in to rehearse. I was like, ‘I think this kid is gonna work out.’ (laughs) Seriously, he was and is a smart-ass, but in an endearing sort of way. It was a natural fit as well. He also plays guitar, [and] we were excited when he had a definite Paul Simonon/Mike Dirnt approach to playing bass.”

First word or words that come to mind when asked to describe Loss of Desire: “The beginning.”

— Introduction and interview by Chris M. Junior

Drive A on tour (schedule subject to change):

July 4: El Paso Convention Center (with The Cult) – El Paso, Texas
July 30: The Ottobar – Baltimore
July 31: The Canal Club – Richmond, Va.
Aug. 1: New Brookland Tavern – Columbia, S.C.
Aug. 2: Visulite Theater – Charlotte, N.C.
Aug. 4: Off the Wagon – Montgomery, Ala.
Aug. 5: Rocketown – Nashville, Tenn.
Aug. 6: Vinyl – Atlanta
Aug. 7: State Theatre – St. Petersburg, Fla.