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Her band’s first album, One Cell in the Sea, is due in stores July 17 via the Capitol Music Group. A Fine Frenzy leader Alison Sudol, 22, recently took time to discuss some of her other musical firsts.

FIRST ALBUM PURCHASED:Tell Mama by Etta James. [Laughter, then long pause] I have a feeling that other things came before it . . . I think I bought a tape of Madonna songs when I was 6.”

FIRST CONCERT ATTENDED: “The first concert that Iā€™m willing to admit to [attending] was a radio station concert [in Southern California]. The Bee Gees were playing at the end, but it was all of these different groups. I remember thinking that was pretty cool, seeing all of those people. . . . Celine Dion played as well, and it was interesting because it was right around the time Titanic came out . . . she had an entire stadium of people singing along, and I thought that was awesome.”

FIRST SONG LEARNED TO PLAY ON THE PIANO: “It was ‘Moonlight Sonata.’ I started to learn how to play it, and then I got frustrated, so I wrote a song on my own and gave up on learning how to play [‘Sonata’]. I did that with ‘Hey Jude,’ too. ‘Hey Jude’ actually led to ‘You Picked Me,’ which is on my album. I tried to learn ‘Hey Jude’ . . . I started banging on the piano, and my frustration led to a new song.”

FIRST LIVE PERFORMANCE: “My ballet recital when I was 4. I loved it. I loved performing. It was a while between that one and the next one, but that definitely was fun — and I was not meant to be a dancer, at all (laughs).”

FIRST THING PURCHASED AFTER BEING SIGNED: “I bought a computer because I had this PC, and it was dinosaur. The actual computer itself was from 1994, and it started to take about 10 minutes to load . . . so I got myself a Mac, and now I’m attached to it.”

— Introduction and interview by Chris M. Junior
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A Fine Frenzy on tour (schedule subject to change):

* July 29: Moore Theatre — Seattle
* July 31: Crystal Ballroom — Portland, Ore.
* Aug. 2: Wells Fargo Center for the Arts — Santa Rosa, Calif.
* Aug. 3: Nob Hill Masonic — San Francisco
* Aug. 4: Mountain Winery — Saratoga, Calif.
* Aug. 6: Paolo Soleri Amphitheatre — Sante Fe, N.M.
* Aug. 7: Fillmore Auditorium — Denver
* Aug. 9: Voodoo @ Harrah’s — Kansas City, Mo.
* Aug. 10: Nokia Theatre — Dallas
* Aug. 11: Stubb’s — Austin, Texas
* Aug. 13: Tabernacle — Atlanta
* Aug. 14: Ryman Auditorium — Nashville, Tenn.
* Aug. 15: Charlottesville Pavilion — Charlottesville, Va.
* Aug. 17: Mann Center for the Performing Arts — Philadelphia
* Aug. 19: Central Park SummerStage — New York