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Laura Warshauer, Island Def Jam are on the same page

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Call it the appetizer before the main course.

With Laura Warshauer‘s first full-length effort for the Island Def Jam Music Group finished and due in 2009, the company will release a self-titled, seven-song CD on Sept. 23 by the folk-pop singer/songwriter/guitarist as a way to whet the public’s appetite.

“What happened was I spent a few years in the studio and recorded 30-plus songs and wound up turning in a 12-song album to Island,” says the New Jersey-bred Warshauer in reference to the upcoming Such a Lovely Place. “They were like, ‘This isn’t typical of an artist’s debut album.’ Because I was able to spend so much time in the studio, I was really able to fine-tune things and have the luxury of time, the luxury of living with a mix for six months and then saying, ‘Let’s scrap it and start again.’

“In this day and age,” she adds, “when it’s not so much about artist development, you can lose great records and I think the people at Island were wary of that, so that’s when they thought of the EP/mini-album.”

The EP contains the single “Sweet 17,” a song that the 24-year-old Warshauer says she wrote when she was 22.

“You hear about friends of friends, what people are doing, who you knew back then and you haven’t talked to since then,” she says about the song’s inspiration. “You think about friends and where they are in the world. That song is really the sense of finding love, losing love, wondering if it existed or if it was something that was only in your head.

“There’s that sense of playing out our lives in our minds – all that was and all that could have been. And I think that tension is where a number of my songs come from – that sense of what actually happens and what it could be.”

— By Chris M. Junior

Laura Warshauer on tour (schedule subject to change):

* Sept. 23: The Downtown – Red Bank, N.J.
* Sept. 24: Pianos – New York
* Sept. 26: Twisted Tree Café – Asbury Park, N.J.
* Oct. 10: Rehab – New York
* Oct. 16: Tin Angel — Philadelphia