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Ollabelle is close to finishing new studio album


One more day — that’s all it should take for Ollabelle to finish up its new studio album, according to bassist Byron Isaacs.

“Getting this all together for that one day in the studio is turning out to be tricky,” he admits. “We just have a couple of background parts that haven’t gone down. That’s it — then it will be ready to mix.”

The rootsy Brooklyn, N.Y.-based group began work on the album a year ago in a rented house in upstate New York, recording 25 songs.

“There are overdubs here and there, but it’s all just built on live-in-the-studio tracking, a lot of lead vocals,” Isaacs says.

A few months ago, the group went to former Band drummer Levon Helm‘s studio (daughter Amy Helm is a member of Ollabelle) and recorded a few more tracks.

“As it was becoming clear what the album tracks were, we just needed a couple of more songs to provide the right shape for a record,” Isaacs says of the additional songs.

Isaacs says the album doesn’t have a title yet, but he’s hopeful that it will be released by early spring, preferably without the aid of an outside label.

“At this point, we have a pretty solid fan base,” he says, “and if we can do half as well sales-wise doing it on our own as we have with the labels we’ve worked with in the past, then we could financially do much better.”

— By Chris M. Junior