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JD Malone delivers message of community and charity

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Every little bit helps — that’s what JD Malone kept in mind as he was handling assorted chores for a cancer-stricken friend.

The experience led to Malone writing “Do What You Can Do,” which is on his latest album, Avalon ( The song title also serves as the name of his new touring project, and it aims to unite likeminded musicians and community members while also raising money for various charities.

“When you’re young, especially in the music business,” the Philadelphia-based roots-rock singer/guitarist says, “it [tends to be], ‘Look at me. Look how awesome I am.’ As I’ve grown older and wiser, I wanted my life and chosen profession to become useful to humankind.”

With the Do What You Can Do! project, Malone and his band, The Experts, will travel across America to big cities and small towns and jam with musicians who are based near the concert sites. Attendees are asked to contribute whatever they can to the charitable organizations that have been partnered with the gig.

“Usually the shows are free,” Malone says, “so we rely on donations to cover [expenses]. If intentions are honorable, getting folks involved is usually not too difficult. We’re not going after artists or charities on a national level. We want to feel the results immediately and develop camaraderie on a local level.”

Even Malone concerts that aren’t labeled as a Do What You Can Do! event usually are “useful to someone, somehow,” he says.

“At one of our recent shows, we were able to raise a bit of cash for some ladies who knit hats, socks and mittens for cancer patients,” Malone recalls. “We weren’t able to cure cancer, but we were able to give some money to some ladies to buy yarn.”

— By Chris M. Junior

JD Malone and the Experts on tour (schedule subject to change):

* Oct. 13: 3rd and Lindsley — Nashville, Tenn.
* Oct. 14: Douglas Corner — Nashville, Tenn.
* Oct. 15: Palace Theater — Maryville, Tenn.
* Nov. 5: Steel City — Phoenixville, Pa.