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MEDLEYVILLE January 2005 — August 2005

Features, reviews and columns posted in 2005 right up until the time technical difficulties disabled the site for two-plus months.

Solo Salvation: The gospel according to John Davis
Right Up Their Alley: Buzzed Meg bowls ‘em over in N.J.
John Legend: Get Lifted — From the background to the spotlight
Storytime: deSol
The Chris Stamey Experience: A Question of Temperature — A rough, noisy effort featuring famous friends
The Fire Still Burns: Power-pop purveyor Dwight Twilley perseveres
On the Beat: Damnwells do just fine as headliners
Wonderful Smith: Hello, It’s Wonderful — Inspired pop with hooks and twists aplenty
MARCH 2005
Personal Playback: Talking studios, stars and sound with Ed Stasium
Write on Target: Semisonic drummer’s book strikes a nerve
Roky Erickson: I Have Always Been Here Before: The Roky Erickson Anthology — Chronicling the bumpy career of a cult figure
Austin Advice: Shane Bartell’s tips for SXSW
Sounding Off, Vol. 4: Viable Option or Expensive Overkill? — Looking at the new DualDisc format
The X Factors: The story behind the new Los Super Seven disc
Sounding Off, Vol. 5: Festival Face-Lift – Improving SXSW for 2006
Brendan Benson: The Alternative to Love — A confident craftsman coming into his own
SXSW 2005: Brian Wilson – Getting through a SMiLE discussion
APRIL 2005
Shakin’ Street No. 5: Checking out Crowell and the rest at SXSW ’05
SXSW 2005: Mike Madden’s Best/Worst Picks
SXSW 2005: George Henn’s Notables – Sights, sounds and scrutiny from SXSW ’05
Disc Discussion: Queens of the Stone Age — Lullabies to Paralyze
Todd Thibaud: Northern Skies — Romantic missteps benefit from extra twang
Disc Discussion: Bruce Springsteen — Devils & Dust
MAY 2005
Successful Pursuit: Post-Miracle Legion, Mark Mulcahy in a good place
Muscle, Mood and Melody: Sweating Out a Night of Indie Rock (Danko Jones/The Comas/Mando Diao)
The Boss Takes Charge: Springsteen scores with scaled-down show
Nothing Strange About It: Aqualung releases first U.S. disc
The Wallflowers: Rebel, Sweetheart — Much like past efforts, quality songs abound
JUNE 2005
Storytime: The Churchills
Hit Me Baby One More Time, Episode 1
The Latest Invasion: The Coral maintains its prolific pace
Hit Me Baby One More Time, Episode 2
Hit Me Baby One More Time, Episode 3
The Quarter After: The Quarter After — So-so psychedelia dominates audio identity crisis
Hit Me Baby One More Time, Episode 4
Archival Anecdotes: Rob James, guitarist for The Clarks, takes a look back at his band’s catalog
JULY 2005
Hit Me Baby One More Time, Episode 5
Various Artists: Garage Beat ’66 Vol. 4: I’m in Need! and Garage Beat ’66 Vol. 5: Readin’ Your Will! — Quality compilations from the Sundazed label
Frank Black: Honeycomb — Edgy, unguarded and worthwhile
Storytime: Al Kooper
Sounding Off, Vol. 6: With the industry in a slump, album remakes by big names are worth considering