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MxPx starts own label for latest releases


MxPx has a thing for EPs, but what’s different about the latest, Left Coast Punk, is that it’s the first one on the California punk band’s own label.

Singer/bassist Mike Herrera recently fielded some questions about the new EP as well as the trio’s first-ever Christmas album.

Medleyville: Did anything from your experience leading the Americana side project Tumbledown play a part in how you approached making Left Coast Punk?
Mike Herrera: “With Left Coast Punk, I just wanted it to be fast, energetic and completely MxPx. Not much else was going on as far as my production ideas.”

Left Coast Punk is the fifth MxPx EP. What is it about the format that appeals to everyone in the band? Is there a different mindset involved with making an EP as opposed to a full-album?
Herrera: “I think with an EP you can have a more complete idea. With a full-length, the chances are there will always be songs that seem a bit odd in the mix. Also, there seems to be no real pressure with an EP because through the process the end result is just this fun release for the fans.”

What was the thinking behind the band releasing the EP on its own label?
Herrera: “With our own label Rock City Recording Company, we were able to do everything and spend a lot less money on marketing. We were the creative forces behind the EP from start to finish. This is not the American Idol soundtrack: This is a punk album. We put out banner ads online about a week before the EP was available. That’s a blitzkrieg marketing campaign that a regular label would never attempt, and it worked!”

Talk about the MxPx Christmas album.
Herrera:Punk Rawk Christmas is our full-length Christmas holiday album that’s been 12 years in the making. It’s available everywhere online Dec. 1 on Rock City Recording Company. The album has all-original songs; two of them are brand new for this year, [and there’s also] one cover song.”

Are there any plans to tour the U.S. in support of Left Coast Punk and/or the Christmas album?
Herrera: “Touring will depend on the demand for us to play live. We’re still doing a lot of weekend shows and festivals in the U.S. and, of course, international tours. We have put together an MxPx All-Star tour, which features me, Kris Roe of The Ataris on guitar and Chris Wilson of The Summer Obsession on drums. We will be playing some dates in Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia the first part of December.”

— Introduction and interview by Chris M. Junior

Photo by Jared Milgrim