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Marcy Playground allows Indaba community to reimagine latest album


John Wozniak says he’s always thinking about new and interesting ways to collaborate and share his music.

During this year’s South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, the Marcy Playground leader and some new acquaintances came up with something that he can’t stop raving about.

Wozniak’s band has teamed up with Indaba Music, an international online community that enables artists to work together on projects, to give musicians and fans the chance to remix the songs on Marcy Playground’s latest album, Leaving Wonderland … in a Fit of Rage.

This isn’t just for kicks: Wozniak will pick his favorite remix of each of the album’s 12 songs, and those remixes will be included on a special Indaba version of Leaving Wonderland, which is expected to be released sometime next year.

“We could have put the [instrumental parts] up on the Marcy Playground Web site for anybody to download and remix, but why?” Wozniak says. “That just seems kind of silly; you just end up with a bunch of goofy joke things. But then you hand it to a bunch of super-creative people in the music field: Maybe somebody out there is 55, sitting in his basement, having missed his [music career] opportunity at 25 … and moved on to another profession. But at night, he sits down at his computer and goes to Indaba and gets to work with a band again – it’s a virtual band, but it’s real music.”

Not only will the remixers get a credit on the Indaba version of Leaving Wonderland, they’ll get paid, too — and not merely a flat fee.

“They’re getting a royalty on this record, and they’re probably getting more than your standard remixer gets because we’re offering up a larger percentage to the Indaba community and to the people who actually work on this and end up on the record,” Wozniak says. “Never before do I think there’s been an opportunity for something like that.”

Wozniak hopes his Indaba project prompts other artists to do the same thing, and in the process “reach out beyond the borders of the known music industry and find some jewels and gems” from within the Indaba community.

“I think that if it can become one of a bunch of albums, and this becomes a continuing process with other artists, then it can develop a following and throughout the years people will want to collect these Indaba album releases,” he adds.

The Marcy Playground Studio Access program with the instrumental parts to the band’s Leaving Wonderland album will remain available to Indaba members for remixing through Oct. 20.

— By Chris M. Junior

Marcy Playground on tour (schedule subject to change):

* Sept. 3: Viper Room — Hollywood, Calif.
* Sept. 5: American Music Festival — Virginia Beach, Va.
* Sept. 6: Port O Call — Kill Devil Hills, N.C.
* Sept. 11: 8 Seconds Saloon — Indianapolis
* Sept. 12: Roc Bar — Cleveland