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The New York-based band The Rapture is back with the single “How Deep Is Your Love?” — which was released digitally on July 26 (it was previously issued on vinyl as a limited edition of 600 copies). And no, it’s not a cheesy remake of The Bee Gees‘ disco-era classic. It is a taste of what’s to come on The Rapture’s first album of new material in five years (and first since bassist Mattie Safer‘s departure), In the Grace of Your Love, due Sept. 6 in the United States on DFA Records.

Lyrics: Luke Jenner‘s voice is mellow yet energizing as he delivers vague but personal lines such as “you’ve given me a chance to see your light” and “when I cry you heal my pain.” Later, he longingly cries out “help me come unglued,” a perfectly suited call to arms for the club crowd. The song ends with a resounding layered chorus of hallelujahs — amen to that.

Music/Arrangement: This song is like an electronic ride back to the ’90s. A chunky piano plays over a retro house beat, and they’re blended with echoing vocals and a bluesy saxophone. It’s like Bizarre Inc. meets The Boomtown Rats.

Production: French house music veteran Philippe Zdar (his studio credits also include Phoenix‘s Grammy-winning Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix) produced this song, and the final product is a dance-club masterpiece. “How Deep Is Your Love?” is a perfect combination of live instruments, haunting vocals and computer magic.

The Verdict: Crank it. This modern dance anthem has the ingredients to be a mainstream hit. Hypnotic yet thrilling, with exploding beats and mesmerizing vocals, it’s a song with hooks that grab hold right away and don’t lose their grip upon repeated listens. And just try not to dance to it.

— By Kara Bernatowicz