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Unwritten Law documents live show, works on new album


A bigger budget could have meant an orchestra playing on Unwritten Law‘s new concert set, suggests singer Scott Russo.

But the funds weren’t there, says Russo, whose orchestral desire was inspired in part by Portishead’s PNYC, one of his favorite concert documents.

Sans orchestra, Russo and his self-described “genuine high-powered live rock band” did their usual thing at the Key Club in Los Angeles, and the result is the CD/DVD Live and Lawless (Suburban Noize). Even so, there’s something a bit different about it — a five-song acoustic set that’s included on the DVD portion.

Unwritten Law will return to the Key Club for a gig on Sept. 19, and after that, the band has no other shows scheduled. That doesn’t mean an extended break is on the horizon: Russo says a new UL studio album, due next year, is in the works.

“The record will be another step in the evolution of this band,” he says. “We really don’t wanna make the same record twice.

“There is a lot more reggae on this record,” he adds. “We really just wanna make a fun record … an escape from real life for the listeners. Everyone’s so serious right now — everyone but us.”

— By Chris M. Junior