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GPG's '90s Top 19


I’m still in a most list-ful mood, but this roundup certainly wasn’t a very easy one to compile, I’ll have everyone know. The pickins were extremely, uh, thin, to say the very least.

Nevertheless, here are my Top 19 from the 1990s:

1. Mark Johnson12 in a Room (1992)
Powerful pop most firmly rooted within the Brill Building anteroom.

2. CowsillsGlobal (1998)
America’s once-and-forever First Family of Song leaves no Partridge unspurned.

3. Brian WilsonSweet Insanity (1991)
Just to make sure the ’90s weren’t all Pet Sounds reissues.

4. Dave Rave GroupValentino’s Pirates (1992)
Wherein the former Soviet Union signs its first Western act, then promptly dissolves.

5. Johnny CashAmerican Recordings (1994)
Rick Rubin produces a Cash we thought only Sam Phillips could.

6. Tiny TimRock (1993)
This includes possibly definitive readings of “Eve of Destruction” and “Rebel Yell” (I kid you not).

7. PuffyJet CD (1998)
Oh-so-effortlessly crosses ABBA, Black Sabbath and Who’s Next … and all by way of Jellyfish.

8. MonkeesJustus (1996)
Those Prefabs go out on a very high note (which, I’ll have you know, they played all by themselves).

9. Shane FaubertSan Blass (1993)
The former head of The Cheepskates most definitely goes for baroque.

10. NRBQYou Gotta Be Loose (1998)
Proof very positive: The greatest live rock ‘n’ roll band in the world.

11. EvaporatorsI Gotta Rash (1998)
Before Ali G and most definitely Tenacious D.

12. Neil YoungArc (1991)
Truly too cool — not to mention loud — for (many) words.

13. Go-NutsThe World’s Greatest Super Hero Snak Rock and Gorilla Entertainment Revue (1997)
For once, the title says it all.

14. High LlamasGideon Gaye (1994)
More than filling that cavernous sonic gap between SMiLE and the XTC reunion.

15. Blue ShadowsLucky to Me (1995)
Hank Williams visits The Cavern by way of Big Pink.
16. Mojo NixonGadzooks!!! (1997)
Includes “Bring Me the Head of David Geffen” … and then some.

17. James Richard OliverThe Mud, The Blood and The Beer (1998)
Alt-country with a capital “Oh!”

18. Chesterfield KingsSurfin’ Rampage (1997)
Upstate New York’s finest give their Rolling Stones cloning a rest whilst hanging all 10.

19. JandekTwelfth Apostle (1993)

So many Jandek albums, so little space.

Musician/writer Gary Pig Gold is the co-founder of the To M’Lou Music label.