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Matt MacDonald talks about his Classic Crime band mates


One guy brings many more clothes on the road than others. Another is a smooth talker with women.

Classic Crime singer Matt MacDonald recently discussed this and more about the fellow members of his alt-rock band. Who is most likely to curse up a storm if he botches a take in the recording studio?
Matt MacDonald: “[Guitarist] Robbie [Negrin]. He was raised by wolves — foul-mouthed ones.”

Who attracts the most attention from the ladies on the road?
MacDonald: “Probably Robbie again — those ladies love it when [he] talks slang.”

Who is the biggest prankster in the band?
MacDonald: “I think we all are pretty bad. I’d say [drummer] Skip [Erickson] probably spends the most time thinking about pranks. But usually when he should be thinking about something else, he’s ADD.”

Who has the most tattoos?
MacDonald: “I think Skip does.”

Who can drink the most beer in one sitting?
MacDonald: “I think our merch guy [Dustin Clarke]. One time he drank 200 shots of beer in 200 minutes. Then he fell on his face and his teeth went through his lip.”

Who is the biggest pop-culture junkie?
MacDonald: “If it’s celebs, then Robbie knows them and bugs them for pictures.”

Who is the most athletic?
MacDonald: “Skip does perfect pushups and eats protein bars every day, so he gets that award.”

Who is the best at Guitar Hero?
MacDonald: “Probably Skip, but we haven’t dueled yet.”

Who is the most superstitious?
MacDonald: “Skip again — it goes along with the sports thing.”

Who brings the most personal belongings with him when the band goes on tour?
MacDonald: “Skip has the biggest bag of clothes, [guitarist] Justin [DuQue] has the biggest bag of meds and [bassist] Alan [Clark] has the biggest bag of video games.”

— Introduction and interview by Chris M. Junior

* The Silver Cord, the new Classic Crime album, is due July 22 on Tooth & Nail Records.