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Surrender The Fall preps for first headlining tour

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After opening for Nonpolnt during the summer and doing the same for My Darkest Days in the early fall, Surrender The Fall will be the top-billed act when the band hits the road Nov. 23 for its first-ever headlining U.S. club tour.

Making the jump from opener to headliner comes with many decisions. In Surrender The Fall’s case, at what point in the set should the Memphis, Tenn.-based hard-rock band play its single “Love Hate Masquerade”? How about the other songs on STF’s debut album, Burn in the Spotlight (Rum Bum Records)? Singer Jared Cole talked about what’s ahead and more. Growing up, did you ever go to a concert and come away being more impressed with the opening act than the headliner?
Jared Cole: “I’ve seen opening bands that seemed ‘hungrier’ than the headliners several times. I really took after that personally because it was my first impression of a band I had never really heard of. Usually people go to shows for the headliner. … To me, there’s nothing more intimidating than a band on the rise that’s willing to go toe to toe with any headliner.”

Have you and your bandmates ever been heckled or dealt with projectiles while opening for another act?
Cole: “So far, we’ve never been heckled or anything like that. We’ve seen cups and bottles and shirts fly around at times [and even] the occasional shoe. But we stay so involved with the crowd during our set, I don’t think anybody wants to heckle us — and we move around a lot on stage, so we aren’t the easiest target.”

What did you and the rest of your band learn, if anything, by opening for My Darkest Days earlier this fall? And what are some of the more enduring memories from that experience?
Cole: “We always learn from touring with other bands! MDD runs a super-tight ship. They’re great showmen and they know how to work a crowd. We love the My Darkest Days camp. None of us knew each other at the start of the tour, but by the end, we all were ready to buck up against anybody that would oppose them — and vice versa.”

Talk about what fans can expect to hear and see on your band’s first headlining tour.
Cole: “We will have a longer set, for sure! As far as song selection, we never make set lists for shows, so it’s kinda up in the air, but we aim to please our fans and friends, so ya never know when we’ll toss up a Hail Mary. As for the stage show, you can expect 100-percent, full-blown energy from start to finish.”

How will the single “Love Hate Masquerade” be treated during each show? Will it get an introduction by you, complete with a mention of the song title? Or will it be handled just like the other songs, with no extra emphasis on the tune before or after it is played?
Cole: “We put our set together during the show. It all depends on the vibe in the room. We tend to hype the crowd up a little more when we [get] closer to that song, for sure.”

— Introduction and interview by Chris M. Junior

Surrender The Fall on tour (schedule subject to change):

* Nov. 23: Abbey Pub — Chicago
* Nov. 24: Planet Rock — Battlecreek, Mich.
* Nov. 25: Mickey Finn’s Pub — Toledo, Ohio
* Nov. 26: Scarlet and Grey — Columbus, Ohio
* Nov. 28: PJ Kelly’s — Clarksburg, W.Va.
* Nov.29: Capone’s — Johnson City, Tenn.
* Nov. 30: Casbah — Durham, N.C.
* Dec. 1: Chaos on the Rocks — Columbus, Ga.
* Dec. 2: Main St. Live — Murfreesboro, Tenn.
* Dec. 5: NV Ultra Lounge — Birmingham, Ala.
* Dec. 6: Southport Hall — New Orleans
* Dec. 7: The Warehouse — Shreveport, La.
* Dec. 10: Juanita’s — Little Rock, Ark.
* Dec. 12: Red Eyed Fly — Austin, Texas
* Dec. 15: Club LA — Destin, Fla.
* Dec. 18: Davey’s Uptown — Kansas City, Mo.
* Dec. 19: Plush — St. Louis
* Dec. 20: Shenanigan’s — Joplin, Mo.
* Dec. 21: Pitters — Cape Girardeau, Mo.
* Dec. 22: Rascals Live — Moline, Iowa
* Dec. 23: Freakster’s Roadhouse — Wilmington, Ill.