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Singer JJ Sicotte hasn’t been shy about making a change to the lineup of his current band, From Jupiter.

“Trying out different members really helps you narrow down what you seek in a band member,” says the 19-year-old Sicotte, who already has had musicians come and go since making the band’s debut album, No, Seriously.

“When one that you try out lacks in a certain area, you go out of your way to look for that trait in other people. I think there’s a certain balance with the members that we have now.”

Those members include drummer Chris Laplante; they met when Sicotte (then 15) was with the band Maui in Ithaca and Laplante (then 18) was in Class Clown.

“Before I knew Chris, I was really intimidated by him because he was such a good drummer,” says Sicotte, who joined Class Clown after Laplante quit.
Sicotte moved to California in April 2007, and he eventually persuaded Laplante to do the same. Working with producer Mudrock, Sicotte, Laplante and others recorded From Jupiter’s high-energy debut, No, Seriously, which was released in January on Third Eye Records.

“We have power-pop songs, but we have harder rock songs [too],” Sicotte says of the album. “Being the first time Chris and I had written together, we initially wrote the album to be inconsistent so that we could get feedback, and then to later apply it to the direction of the next album.”

— By Chris M. Junior

From Jupiter during SXSW week (schedule subject to change):

* March 21: Alternative Press party — Emo’s (free; all-ages)