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Social Code singer talks new studio, new EP

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When Social Code singer Travis Nesbitt says his band built its own recording studio, he really means it.

“We did it all — demolition, framing, electrical, drywall, taping, painting and all the finishing work,” Nesbitt explains. “There was a small plumbing job that we got someone in to do, but everything else we did.”

The facility in question is R Studios, which is in the basement of bassist Logan Jacobs’ home in Canada.

“In a lot of cases [while constructing the studio], Logan would be in the other room Googling how to build a studio, and the rest of us were building what he was figuring out,” Nesbitt says. “That was everyone’s first attempt at building anything. … After everything was built, we rented all the recording equipment from L.A. and had it shipped in. Over the last while, we have purchased all the gear we need, which is basically what we rented.”

Three of the five songs on Social Code’s latest, He Said, She Said, the band’s first U.S. release, were recorded in part at Jacobs’ studio. Jacobs is credited as the producer of those tracks.

“There is a huge difference between recording and producing,” Nesbitt says. “Logan has always had a strong sense for producing; he really has a knack for it. When we made the decision to go it alone, he was an obvious choice for that role. It didn’t come without a fair share of stress, but it ended up great, so we’re happy.”

The band already is hard at work on a new full-length release.

“As soon as that’s done, we’re going to be down in the U.S. and tour as much as we can,” says Nesbitt. “We have always been a band that has lived for being on the road. We haven’t spent any time [touring] in the U.S., but that’s gonna change in a big way in 2009.”

— By Chris M. Junior