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Vox Jaguars come out swinging with debut EP

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The Vox Jaguars may be young, but the members of the feisty, Santa Cruz., Calif.-based garage-rock band are wise when it comes to the realities of a recording budget and a lack of studio savvy.

Instead of making a full-length as their debut on the Anodyne label (home to such acts as the Architects and The Meat Puppets), The Vox Jaguars recorded a four-song, self-titled EP, which is due Feb. 10.

“Recording costs are extreme, so an EP was all we could manage right now,” says 18-year-old singer/guitarist Jordan Topf. “By the time the full-length recording time comes around, we’ll have more cash saved up and be more experienced at what goes on in the studio.”

The EP was recorded in March 2008 at Sunset Lodge in Los Angeles with producer Ariel Rechtshaid, whose studio credits include albums by We Are Scientists and Plain White T’s.

“He did a great job of pulling it together quite quickly,” says Topf. “The most challenging part of the recording was probably the guitar tracks and the tempos for some of the songs. We had trouble deciding whether the tempo we chose was too slow or too fast. We nailed it in the end, but it definitely took some time.”

Mid-2009 could prove to be a make-or-break period for The Vox Jaguars. Topf and guitarist Noah Bond, 18, are due to graduate high school in June, and Topf says a full-length Vox Jaguars album “must be finished by summer because the future of the band is unknown.”

“We have a free recording hookup at Noah’s school and might end up recording it there,” Topf says.

— By Chris M. Junior